Columbus, Ohio

Chushin Center Aikido

Chushin, loosely translated, means to center, one’s center, or centering.  The fundamental purpose behind the creation of Chushin Center Aikido is to practice the Japanese martial art of Aikido safely, respectfully, and joyfully within a traditional martial practice.

The Chushin Center is first and foremost a community center.  All Aikido students, regardless of experience and rank, practice together cooperatively.  Through mutual respect and appreciation, trusting relationships are formed.

During the initial three months of training, new students generally focus on learning etiquette and building the basics of body mechanics. This is done so that practice can be undertaken in a rigorous but safe manner thereby clearing the path to continued growth in Aikido.  Students who practice regularly and diligently will forge their bodies through conscientious practice, promoting improved health and wellbeing.

Central to the advanced practice of Aikido is the practice of remaining calm and centered in the face of an attack.  Over time, students develop a heightened sense of awareness of their own bodies and the spatial relationships between themselves, their partners, and their physical surroundings.  By practicing this on the mat, students find this helps them to remain calm and centered amidst the chaos of life’s daily conflicts and distractions.  Because of this focused awareness of one’s relationship and connection with others, many Aikido students find that continued study of the art takes on a spiritual nature.

Affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation

Learn the martial art of peace and harmony

The Chushin Center offers Aikido classes. This Japanese martial art, whose name means "the practice of harmony" is a defensive art based on pins and throws. Powerful and effective, graceful and spiritual. A picture is worth a thousand words---come watch a class, talk to our instructors and see for yourself.

Your first trial class is free. Come experience our Aikido with your own body! (Comfortable clothes are recommended. No jewelry or accessories during class for safety.)

Please check our class schedule.

USAF New Student Guide

Basic Etiquette Guide